04.03 General

Delivery of the 1st 100% remote knowledge compendium "100% Covid-19 free"

Ardans has just delivered its first knowledge compendium produced 100% remotely in order to comply with Anti-Covid health measures.
The leading French operator in telecom and digital services offered Ardans a  challenge . Produce a collection of 100% remote expertise.
Like most of this type of expertise gathering actions, the schedule is highly constrained. It was necessary to build up a knowledge base on a strategic subject, a cutting-edge technological field mastered by two experts, in less than four months including the periods of the All Saints and Christmas holidays.
Not meeting "in the flesh" with the experts in the field and the knowledge engineering consultant is clearly depriving yourself of a whole part of the non-verbal communication which helps to quickly establish the climate of confidence in the integrated team "experts & knowledge engineer" very valuable for the quality of the product result.
The major experience feedback is that such a service is now possible.
The question is why?
The operation began at the end of September, more than 6 months after the start of the pandemic. Actors are now more comfortable with remote working tools. The brake that one might have feared before has faded. It is certain that talking with experts from a telecoms operator also means talking to staff experienced in interacting with teleconferencing tools and therefore the risk is minimal.
On the other hand, for the knowledge engineer, the tips and tricks of classic interviews are much more difficult to implement. It is more difficult to feel the other when he expresses himself (breathing, movements, reflection ...). Small diagrams built on the fly and exchanged on a sheet of paper or even a flipchart, are not so natural via the whiteboard of a teleconferencing software interface.
What is certain is that from the moment when a first core of expertise is modeled through the knowledge management platform  Ardans Knowledge Maker  (AKM), the remote screen transmission, the The display of production, maps are fully shared and interactions gain in depth.
The " puzzle effect " that we know well during the finalization of the knowledge base, was amplified in this working configuration. The validation was also efficient.
When the results were presented on January 29, 2021, the project management manager who noted the results of this unprecedented service in this protocol was extremely satisfied. Very concretely, a new operation will be launched in February, amplifying the challenge in several countries. In addition, the knowledge base built up goes into production and the proper appropriation by staff of the service of the device is the next concrete step which fits perfectly into the  ISO30401  dynamic.
History will also remember that this project team "experts & knowledge engineer" very clearly wants to meet and share a good time together in order to celebrate this unprecedented production: knowledge engineering is a deeply human discipline!